Morning TurmerAid

This morning we had a spectacular sunrise.  Always nice.  We feed the animals at sunrise, which sounds earlier and much more impressive than it actually is.  Sunrise is currently at 08.37 and Daisy and I are up by 8.30 (just!)  Sunset is at 15.10 so we have just slightly over 6 hours daylight, into which we cram as much as we possibly can.

We start the day with me feeding the sheep (Daisy is on ducks/hens) and I put them in their field for the day. Then Daisy and I walk over to Clothie (my 5 acre croft over the hill) with our buckets of TurmerAid mixed with nil-calorie fibre.

Her Maj sometimes comes too and today she was in a very bouncy enthusiastic mood. We encourage this happiness. It sets her up for the day.

In Haakon’s bucket is also a hoofy supplement – Farrier4Feet which is brilliant and our farrier could see a huge difference in the quality of his hooves so worth every penny then.

Klængur is usually the first to finish his food and he happily entertains himself with his bucket!  He always does this and I have no idea why.

He reminds me of Eeyore – “But Eeyore wasn’t listening. He was taking the balloon out, and putting it back again, as happy as could be….”

So that’s what we do in the morning.  Today was beautiful so it was no hardship.

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