A Sense of Humour

For the last two days, Daisy and I have been trimming and rasping hooves.

It is very hard work and we aim to do three ponies per session as that is about as much energy as we both have.

Trimming and rasping hooves is arduous, but it is also fending off “help” that takes up most of our time and energy!

Believe it or not, there is a Daisy in there trying to work.

Being on the front end is no better. While Daisy trimmed a hoof, I held the lead-rope and kept the Minion still (we swap when I do the rasping). I was constantly hassled by someone.  At least he had a nice smile.

And then of course there is the equipment.   Well, that is doomed too.

The boys just can’t help themselves.   Maybe we should bring toys.  They would love that (goes off to look for the squeaky chickens!)

At one stage Newt stole the hoof-knife from Daisy’s pocket and ran off with it giggling so she ended up handing it to me while she worked.

I have to say, though, in Newt’s defence, when it was his turn to have his feet trimmed, he was a total jewel.  He stood politely and was a model citizen – he has form with our original farrier.

Daisy and I decided we need a very good sense of humour when we’re trimming feet.

Today Waffle was my favourite pony. He stayed well away.  That’s my boy. ❤️

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