More of the Hebrides

(Nick here, guest blogging while Frances is in Norway)

As promised, back to Lewis and Harris for today’s missive.

While we did spend most of our time exploring Harris, we ventured north to Lewis on one occasion to visit the Callanish standing stones, a stone circle in the north west of the island. The weather was blazing sunshine with scooting clouds, so not ideal for photography (I tend to prefer moody sunrise or sunset light) but with a special filter I was able to get a long exposure shot of the stones with a spooky sky to reflect the mystery surrounding sites like this.

Another longish drive took us to Hushinish, a remote settlement with a sheltered beach and a satisfying mix of wave-worn rounded boulders and smooth white sand.

Our accommodation at Scarista House was next to a pristine sandy beach with views of Chiapaval mountain. Playing with my filter again I took one photo with a 10 minute exposure time, to really make the sky look special:

The various grasses growing on the sand provided photographic interest too.

As you’d expect on an island, water was a common feature of most of our photographs, from wind-blown rippled lagoons, to breaking waves and peat-tinted streams creating wonderfully coloured waterfalls.

And on our final night at Scarista, we were treated to a rare sighting of the aurora!

The drive back took us across Skye (by this time the Tarbert-Uig service was running again) and down through Glencoe to Glasgow, where we stopped for a night before the long drive back to Watford. Here are a few more photos from the mainland on that drive home.

Looking up at pine trees

Loch Lochy

Glencoe villlage at sunset

Buachaille Etive Mhór at sunset

Sunset colours over Glencoe

Thank you for all the lovely comments following Monday’s post. I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures as much.

11 thoughts on “More of the Hebrides

  1. arte white

    Thank you for the lovely photos and showing me beautiful places I would love to visit, but will probably never touch down on.

  2. Terri

    Your black and white photos are as stunning as the color ones! I like the name “Loch Lochy” — did someone get tired of naming lakes? At first I thought the pine trees were palm trees! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

  3. Nancy

    Wow!! Beautiful, beautiful photos!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing them with us!!
    It inspires me to try to take long exposure shots to get some kind of feeling into the photograph.
    Thank you for inspiring me!!


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