Sometimes, if it is dry and I have time, I will put my old coat down on the ground and sit on it to talk to any Minions who want a chat or a hug.

Some want to talk and others – today it was Newt, Albie and Storm – want to just “minion”, ie investigate, be hugged, noseys kissed and eat me or my coat.

I am considered fair game and as long as there are no real teefs (ie, not even a feel), then I love spending time with them.


They are (mostly) good boys and never step on my feet or legs – just politely walking around me.

Obviously gently investigated first.

Actually, I do trust them.  When there has been a sudden something, they have jumped away or over rather than onto me.

While Albie just wanted hugging, Newt helpfully stood on my coat. I was going nowhere.

I spent a peaceful 20 minutes being gently nuzzled and lightly groomed.  I could’ve stayed there all day.



6 thoughts on “Minioning

  1. Sam

    Such trust on both sides for this to happen. Lucky, lucky you!
    Love how Newt held you captive by standing on your coat hem.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    I miss smelling that sweet horsey breath ( grass or alfalfa) Also just the attention. BUT you are a better woman than I…. I would have been rooted there forever, not sure I could get up off the ground DUH
    The ‘ol bod just doesn’t cooperate sometimes. That and absence of horses is why I don’t ride anymore. SNIFF.
    Thanks for sharing your nosey kisses and interactions .

  3. Celeste

    I can’t think of a better way to spend some time! I was minioned by Newt and have a wonderful photo to prove it! I look forward to more minioning when I come to Shetland for Wool Week in October 2022. Sigh, such a long time to wait…meanwhile I’ll go harass a goat or a sheep (who aren’t nearly as snuggly as your guys).

  4. Deb

    Lily , in her wheelchair and LOVE to minion with our retired girls. Trust them with our lives. Two new retirees are joining our family in Oct and in April we will have a wee little. So excited. But praying for continued health for our girls


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