Meeting the Neighbours

Two small Icelandic horse foals, Dreki and Lilja, are really rather smitten with their Shetland pony neighbours in the next door field.

That would be the Minions (minus Albie and Newt) plus the old ladies – Vitamin, Delia and Fivla.

Any minute the foals can manage to escape their mothers, Hetja and Brá, they both come a-wandering down to the dividing fence for a chat.

I guess this is the first time in their lives that they have ever met other equines, now I think about it.  They had no contact with the others when they lived at Thordale.

May the Gods help them then!

Some are better examples of good behaviour than others (*** cough *** that would not be Storm then!)

Dreki is quite smitten with the Shetland girls.

Funnily enough it was Vitamin he wanted to talk to most.

She won’t take any bad manners.  Of course no one else is helping – noseys through the wire.  Not good.

Little foals must know their place.

They will soon be told when they overstep the mark.

I don’t want to put up electric wire but if the fence starts to get ruined, then I will have no choice.  I hate electric fences and foals.  Not a good combination.  Failing that I will take the Shetland girls out, and chuck them all in together.  Hetja loathes Shetland ponies with a passion and I don’t want to subject them to her loathing. The Minions know Hetja well and can stay out of her way.

I am hopeful they will all soon get bored of each other. 

The grass in the Shetland pony field is up the hill and by hanging around to talk to the foals, they will be starving themselves. 

No self respecting Shetland pony would ever do that for very long. 




2 thoughts on “Meeting the Neighbours

  1. Sam

    Such a crew of neighbors to meet and greet. Makes one wonder just how they will sort things out. With Mum’s help (electric fence) or not. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Louise Stopford

    So sweet and so curious. I think it’s nice that the foals have neighbours and are able to talk to each other. Everything and everyone is a learning curve for the babies.


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