Over at Leradale

Before the latest gale (on its way), I went over to see the ladies and their foals who are now happily living at Leradale.


The girls know this field very well, having spent last winter expanding in pregnancy together (and they have not lost their hard-earned baby weight).

This is really is the most perfect field so I am sure they are happy to live here with their not-so-little foalios.



While they are nursing their young, the mares need green grass to produce milk. 

And the little ones need the green grass to grow.




I think they look fabularse.

Everyone will be visited daily.




Special skills may also be worked on – hello, Mr Headcollar (yes, again and again and again).

At some stage there may also be hello to my vet for Dreki’s castration.  Needs must. Dreki is not “stallion material”.  (When folk say this, I have visions of John Lewis’ material department from my childhood.  Loads of material on large rolls and there is a stallion one out there.)

I have plans for Dreki.  If he promises never to trot, he can be my next horse.  Plans far away, though and a long way to travel before we get there.


Anywho, as long as the foalios are happy. 

These two seem to have developed a bond now, which is lovely to see.  I have a theory that Lilja is the brains of the two and Dreki just does as she wants and then takes the blame.

And they haven’t met the neighbours yet……


(to be continued/ …..)






3 thoughts on “Over at Leradale

  1. Sam

    Always interesting when moving to a new location to learn about the neighbors.
    So if Drekki is the follower, shouldn’t that stand to reason he might be easier to train?

  2. Terri

    Sorry that Dreki didn’t turn out quite as you had hoped, but he will have a wonderful life as “your” horse. And he has a wonderful life in the meantime! I’m happy to hear about the bond between Dreki and Lilja. Do you think she will qualify as a breed mare someday?

    1. Frances Post author

      It is fine. I would much rather he was a useful gelding than an average stallion. Lots of those about.


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