Raining Cats and Dogs

Up here, in Shetland, we have not had a horrid weather day for a while.  In fact, Shetland has had a “sunnier July than Cornwall“, according to the BBC so it must be true.

Today is an indoor day and I really don’t mind.  There is always lots to do.

On these kind of days, BeAnne adopts a supportive role.  It is what she does best.

Loki just went with disinterested – he had a walk this afternoon with OH in the rain.

There was stuff to do – creating different things.

Even Wu, in his own special way!

Bardy just shouted at me – all day, every day.  I must admit I have times when I feel a bit frazzled.

Anywho, this afternoon, as it is a Thursday, I was working for Transition Turriefield packing vegetables for the veg boxes and shops.  It is an much-needed interlude.

Work Benefit:  I had a kitten break!  Every work environment should have Kitten Break!

I came home late this afternoon to be shouted at again by Bardy. Yes, now he is sitting in a bag around my neck, while I post beef mince avec vitamin drops down him!

Sometimes I think I have no life.

3 thoughts on “Raining Cats and Dogs

  1. Linda

    I think I can make you feel a little better about the weather – up here in the Pacific Northwest where “it rains all the time” we haven’t seen said rain (or any moisture) in a record amount of time, and we’re breaking temperature records, coming in at 90 degrees F. Oh, and there’s a westerly wind from the eastern part of the state that’s doing a wallop of a job sending smoke from fires in that part of the state right to us. Is your rain sounding a bit better now? 😉

    P.S. My husband would love your husband’s music room!

  2. Louise Stopford

    That kitten is so adorable. I often moan about going to work (albeit part-time) and wish I could retire, but just sometimes I think it brings a bit of sanity into my life and it makes me look forward to being at home. I have been watching the weather forecasts recently and it has said that Shetland has had the most sunshine in July (I always think of you). I am in Cheshire in the North West of England and it has been totally miserable – cool and rainy. Oh gosh I wonder what you are going to do with “Bardy” eventually? He really does think you are his mother – bless him. I bet it’s like having a baby again in the house. Enjoy your weekend.


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