Measuring The Littlies

Newt has joined Albie’s routine and so quickly settled in.


Albie is still having his milk and then a cup of hard feed (mare and youngstock mixed with foal creep that needs finishing).  Newt has just a cup of hard feed too.  He was weaned before he was originally sold.  I supervise this side of things.


Daisy is on guard duty.  Delia gets to eat her bucket of feed mixed with Golden Paste (a turmeric mixture that is brilliant for arthritis) without being hassled.  Daisy has to flit around deterring the determined, ie Storm.


BeAnne is on wire-twanging watch.  Tiddles (and Storm) both love to twang the fence at her and laugh while she jumps up and down at them incandescent with terrier rage!


It is a daily game and one that all sides enjoy.

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Haakon seems very happy with his little herd and has taken to Newt too.


Newt spends his days either in Tiddles’ posse or Haakon’s more sedate adult group.


And Fivla is still on her diet.


After breakfast, I led Newt up to a level part of the field for his daily chat and hug.


He is very easy to catch and lead and bravely walks through the mud at the gateway which is up to his belly to get to his food.


We measured him.


25″ whole inches high, though more like 24″ but I am being generous.  If you want to know what two feet look like, stand next to Newt.


Albie was 28″ high and is much nicer to Newt nowadays.


All is good and now you know.  Only 2 foot 1 inch high.  Awww.

7 thoughts on “Measuring The Littlies

  1. Sam

    Newt is smaller than I thought he’d be! Do you think he will grow any more or is it hard to tell?
    Glad Albie is being nicer to him and that Tiddles has been promoted from Bottom Rung Minion to Mid-Level Manager.

  2. Linda

    How great to see everyone doing so well, in that beautiful sunshine.
    I bet (or hope?) Albie & Newt are going to be best buddies…


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