Meanwhile, In the House

My little Boyzenberries, aka my small Shetland sheep flock are flourishing.  Four sheep count as a flock.

Puzzah is determined to be one of the boys and, even when Lambie and ‘Bert crawled under a fence, ‘Ster kindly stayed with Puzzah.  Puzzah’s head and its accoutrements mean he can’t resort to devious escaping like the others.

So I am very pleased they are a happy settled little bunch.  I can’t really imagine life without Puzzah now.  He has fitted in very well.

A reminder of the Smile of Winningness!

OH went into town yesterday to get supplies.  We were down to our last carrot so Lambie let himself in the house.

He thought the Christmas tree was fascinating, if wrong (an inedible tree?  Why, just why) and attempted to make off with a branch or two.

However, he did succeed in filching a Tesco plastic glittery star and eating the corner off it as quickly as he could before Daisy took it away.

After that, it was supervision at all times as Lambie could obviously not be trusted.

He was intrigued and spent much of his time just looking and sniffing.

Making the most of OH’s absence, Lambie also had a sit down.

He very much enjoyed listening to the classical music…..

…. like you do if you are a sheep with exemplary style.

Wu came in to suck up to us because it was also near his tea time.

He thought Lambie was an acquired taste (or smell).

We had a magical Christmassy afternoon listening to carols and watching Lambie eat the Christmas tree.

5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In the House

  1. Sam

    So nice that Puzzah has been made a Flock Member in Good Standing.
    Nice to see Lambie enjoying the finer things in life and giving the public that Winning Smile.
    As for the tree, the Maine Coons are currently sleeping under ours. No tree eating as of yet.

  2. Sheryl Vicino

    Lambie L E T himself in !?! arrrr haaa. Such clever critters you have.smiling with tears running down my face.
    Merry and Bright Christmas to you all from Downunder.
    Sheryl V.

  3. Nancy

    Lambie looks so comfy sitting there in your living room!
    He makes a wonderful Christmas card! ha ha!

    I wonder what Wu’s tail twitches mean? His tail is fascinating!

    Glad to see all the boys are getting along! Happy Holidays!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love seeing your pictures inside the house. Lambie is sure lucky he can come in and relax with the family and nibble on the tree a bit. He has such a beautiful and innocent face. Your house looks so comfy and pretty. Love seeing Christmas decorations! Thanks for the peek inside.

  5. Louise Stopford

    That is one spoilt sheeple!! He looks right at home in your lovely living room. Hasn’t Puzzah got a lovely kind face – so glad he has settled well with the other boys.


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