Mares and Foals

Hetja has let herself into Leradale’s old and disused vegetable garden.  It is a square-ish raised bed full of uneaten grass that she is enjoying very much (later, the others joined her).

The mothers are still with their foals and they will all winter together.  We will think about weaning another day.  Not now, at any rate.

It is a happy calm little herd.  Dreki has stopped being quite so annoying to his sister, Lilja.  The mares take equal turns to babysit and it is interesting watching them teach their children all about how to survive the winter.  Essential skills for any Icelandic horse.

Until someone looks remotely thin, there will be no extra food here.  They have a mineral lick bucket that is molassed based.  It supplies them with all the essential vitamins and minerals that they need.  We use a specific one designed for Shetland ponies –  my theory being Shetlands are very similar to Icelandics really, just a bit smaller.

So, I don’t worry about this little lot.  They have endless forage and shelter and look very well on it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the others continue to lurk about the gate looking hopeful.  I may relent tomorrow and open a silage bale for them as, although there is grass, it is very short and they are just not moving around looking for it.  Oh, the worry.  I hate it.

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