Love’s Young Dream

I have missed having Taktur around.  Since he arrived from Iceland, 2 years ago, he has only lived at Thordale.  Now he is running (well, standing still) with Hetja for 6 weeks in Sandness, 4 miles down the road.


As you may remember, it all started very badly.  When Taktur first met Hetja, he had an idea of what was required but Hetja would have none of it.  She was not ready and she certainly was not willing.  So Taktur visited on an almost daily basis for a while.


After a few failed attempts of leaving them together, Hetja was more encouraging and so here we are almost three weeks on.  I wanted to visit them and see how they were getting on.


Everything is fine.  I talked to both of them individually and could see that they are happily living together having got past the squealing, the sideways glances, the body language and kicking stage.  Life is much more peaceful and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

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They make a handsome couple and hopefully the foal, if it appears next year, will be a mixture of the best of both of them.  Who knows what colour it will be.  Want to guess?

Hetja frá Skeiðháholti

Sire : Hrói frá Skeiðháholti (bay dun no markings, Bleikálóttur)
Dam:  Fríða frá Skeiðháholti (chestnut with no blaze, Rauðblesótt)


Taktur frá Velli II

Sire: Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum (Chestnut with blaze, light mane and tail or Rauðblesóttur, glófextur)
Dam: Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði (Black, Svartur)


I am excited at the thought of an Icelandic horse foal at Thordale.  Early days, I know but everything crossed it happens.


2 thoughts on “Love’s Young Dream

  1. Michelle

    Most probably chestnut with a little white, but I’m voting for black! Taktur looks like he’s gained some weight; love agrees with him. 😉


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