Lovely Skies

It’s that time of year when the sky just looks beautiful no matter the weather.

This is the view over Sung loch at the bottom of our track where it meets the single track road (A971), a public highway.

And this is one of the many views of Foula that I see when I drive over to check on the Minions….

…. who are doing very well, thank you for asking.  There are eight of them (I’ve just counted).

And the view on the way home.  Not bad really.  I can’t complain.

It has been threatening rain all day but I find that the actual weather forecast has been lying through it’s teeth and but, despite some intimidating dark clouds, it never rained.

I hate days like this because I specifically got up early this morning to put a waterproof rug on Haakon.  I wonder if the weather forecasters actually know where Shetland is.  And then of course there is that old saying “be careful what you wish for”.

This afternoon has been spent in my shed writing out the next instalment – 1894 -Brussels – Help needed with this diary entry, pretty please.

But as an incentive, Kate learns to ride and I think it might be sidesaddle judging by her sketch.

6 thoughts on “Lovely Skies

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Reading the diaries is fascinating and you’ve done a good job making things clearer than they might have been! The artwork is quite lovely.

    Weather your way looks much like ours when it’s going to rain. However, at the moment we’ve got sunshine. I can see the fog out there on the horizon though!

  2. Kris Maxwell

    I keep telling my friend Elva, to get in touch with you about the diaries…she is a transcriptionist and could help you. If you were to read the diary and record it as an mp file, you could send her the file and she could do the typing. Her rates are super low and she is super good. You can reach her at:

    Elva has a small farm raising grassfed beef, chicken and pork. She does transcription to supplement her farm income, which never stretches far enough. Perhaps you can both help each other and bring these diaries to life.


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