Looking Good, Tiddles

Tiddles new rainsheet arrived yesterday, which was very quick (and anyone who lives in a remote place will know how easily things get “stuck” at various stops along the way, while the delivery date gets further and further away).  Anyway, I have a rainsheet for Tiddles and that is all that matters.

He was a tad worried when I put it on him as he was damp and shaking – his brain gets dithery too.

And, I told everyone else to not point and stare, or touch it, ever, not even with teeth, Storm.

It didn’t take long for Tiddles to work out that actually his rug was a very good thing.  I tried to feel under it and he was having none of that, worried in case I was going to take it off.

So he rushed off to eat with Vitamoo-bag who told him what he could go and do (she is so rude and such a non-sharer).

Eventually Tiddles let me feel under his rug and he was a good temperature, dry and not shaking anymore.

This is Tiddles’ happy face.

So that’s Vitamin, Fivla and Tiddles who now wear rugs in the bad weather.  I went for the same brand and type as the old ladies because I really like just how waterproof it is in extreme weather.

Apparently, it might stop raining the end of next week some time…… Flaming June – my arse!

5 thoughts on “Looking Good, Tiddles

  1. Mary Domito


    I remember getting lots of kisses from Tiddles when my sister’s and I visited your place in 2019.

    Love following your blog and can’t wait to return to Shetland one day.
    When I do, I want it to be for at least 2 weeks so I can slow down a bit and enjoy the Shetland lifestyle. I’d also love
    to help you with the animal chores to have an appreciation for everything you do.

    Mary Domito
    Taos, NM USA

  2. Sam

    Hard to be happy when you are very cold. So happy Tiddles is warm in his new rug – it looks very dashing on him.


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