Iacs:  You want me to do what?
Haakon:  Oh, not this again.  I’m staying out of this.

And, as Iacs offered so nicely, Pepper had her first proper riding lesson (she’s old enough now).

And Iacs remembered what to do.  BeAnne Duvet was an accomplished equestrian riding her trusted steed, Iacs.  She was famous for her horsemanship.

And Pepper loved it too – it might be a Patterdale terrier thing.

Instantly I could see she was a natural, with a superb seat and manner about her.  She thought she was fully in charge.

When Kolka wandered over, Pepper wasn’t budging.

I think she could make a career of this.  Look at those back legs, astride.

I caught a small bit on video.  Note how Iacs tells Kolka to go away.  He treats his job very seriously and Pepper was his rider and his responsibility.  And then note how Pepper snuck in a cheeky nip to tell Kolka to leave her alone and that smug face afterwards as she rode away in triumph!

11 thoughts on “Horseriding

  1. Nicki

    This is so lovely. I just love the way Iacs looks after his rider. Thank you so much for sharing. Such precious moments.

  2. Christine Vowles

    This was just the best and that little nip at the end was perfect. I’m glad you caught it all on video.


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