Getting in the way or helping?

Floss is still working hard with Taktur on his exercise regime.

The Minions are always eager to help, encourage and generally get in the way.


Waffle in particular – he sees Taktur as his mini-me.


After Taktur’s 20 minute exercise in walk, it was then Kappi’s turn.


I have been asked to free-lunge Kappi in the indoor school for 20 minutes.  This is to get him fitter and perhaps thinner (we can only hope).


Today, there were little helpers.


Poor Kappi – they were not so much helping, as getting in the way.


But 20 minutes of escaping from an enthusiastic Minion, is still exercise by anyone’s definition!


I think Taktur and Kappi were very glad, if not relieved, to get back to their own field away from the small fuzzy folk..

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