Line Up Please

Here they are, all lined up ready for me and my camera.

Tall ones at the back please.

Dear old Haakon.  He always looks the same.  This is his “What have you brought me face?”

And ditto with Klængur who is still on sick-leave.

The old men are enjoying their baby-sitting duties, which are basically to eat and ignore everyone else.

Haakon’s speciality is keeping out of girl trouble.  He knows what to do.

Meanwhile, the mares gossip a lot.

They are such typical girls (full sisters).  Give them a handbag and they would probably dance around it, following each other to the loo together afterwards and swap lipsticks!

Sóley is growing up quickly.  She looks just like her Mum.


It is a set-up that seems to be working. The girls have their “stallion”, Klængur while the old men are good at the education and manners bit.  Sóley and Lilja have learned so much since their arrival and are good nice all-round horses.  Daisy works with them slowly too.  Lilja is happy to leave Sóley and to go into the school by herself while Sóley stays with the men.

It is all little steps. We don’t rush anything here.

Anyone know what these are called?  They’re very pretty and grow in large clumps.

8 thoughts on “Line Up Please

  1. Sam

    No clue on the flowers, we have similar in New England.
    Very handsome gents you have. Nice to know the girls are getting “How to be Grown Up Horse” lessons. And I bet Lilja is excited to have 1 on 1 time without the pesky little sister.

  2. Cathy

    It’s common bugloss…..pretty but quite invasive particularly once it gets in your lawn. I always think the flower heads look like bumble bees.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Is Soley quite a bit taller than Lilja or does it just look that way in the picture? I do love those girls…..gossipers or not! 🙂 All the boys are looking good too. What a nice set of pictures! Thanks Frances!


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