Let Sleeping Ponies Lie

We are all exhausted after yesterday’s exertions – even those who were not involved.  That would be for support purposes only!

Kappi is happy.

Taktur – ditto.  They have all they want.

Meanwhile, back at Base Camp, plans are afoot.

Some are asleep.

And some are not.

The little ones (the midges) play “Grandmother’s Footsteps” with their snoozing friends.

It is funny to watch.

Luckly Hjalti and Efstur are the best buddies.

And then the three little ones move on.

There are plans to be made.

Who will be their next victim?

Ah, yes, that would be Klængur, who was having a lovely sleep in the Shetland spring sunshine.

But, when it is the turn of the little midges, a few hours later….

Well, everyone forgives them and lets them sleep.

Why?  Because they are more irritating when they are awake!

Let sleeping dogs (or Shetland ponies) lie.  That is the herd’s motto!

4 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Ponies Lie

  1. Linda

    How serene to see everyone napping!
    P.S. I thought it was funny to see our dog on her back, all 4 paws in the air, but it’s just REALLY funny seeing a pony do that!


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