Lesson with Hamish Cameron

This afternoon, I drove Daisy and Kappi over to have a riding lesson from Hamish Cameron, who has come up to for a long weekend.

Daisy deliberated for ages about who to take. In the end, she decided on Kappi. Efstur is not ready to see the outside world yet and Taktur is going very nicely.  However, Kappi has some little niggles that need ironing out so was the one who would benefit most from a lesson.

They warmed up in walk, trot, tölt and canter, had a chat with Hamish and then off they both went.

This is Kappi’s “you want me to do what?” face!  He was listening too.

He went very nicely and they both worked hard.  Both concentrating hard.

Walking on a long rein …..

And off they went again on the other.

From the side-lines, we could see an improvement in Kappi as the lesson progressed with Hamish giving Daisy exercises to help him to engage his inside hind leg and gain better control of his shoulders.

They were both knackered after 45 minutes so we loaded up and I drove them home.

It is always good to have a riding lesson from Hamish.

3 thoughts on “Lesson with Hamish Cameron

  1. Sam

    How lucky are you three to have this lesson. The level of fierce concentration on Daisy’s face tells it all.
    Clearly good advice was given,now to put it into practice.


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