Exhausting Day

Floss and I did “crofting” things all morning. We dismantled Lambie’s private dining room (a square of hurdles) and rebuilt it as the hen run. The hens have taken to laying their eggs in unknown places and OH had to buy eggs yesterday (oh, the shame!). Then off to the Minions’ field with our old coal and feed bags to pull more ragwort.  The gift that keeps on giving.

I now ache.

We each filled two large bags and then lugged them back to the car.  It was hot work. The flies were vile sticking to my sweat. Ugh. I cooled down in the stream!

Back home for a quick lunch and out again to weigh and pack vegetables.  I am very tired now.

When we got home, Taktur was around looking gorgeous.

But he always does.

I less so. More hot and sweaty.

2 thoughts on “Exhausting Day

  1. Sam

    Doing yard work or crofting work is hard and necessary. I’ll spend most of Saturday mowing the lawn (lawn guy is on vacation, the nerve!) and trimming lots of hedges. But I won’t have Minions, Harrel or Taktur to gaze on. Nope, just Little Miss Maine Coon cat yowling for an early dinner, like the Hobbit she is.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Ragworting is a back breaking task and it’s hard on the hands, too. I feel stiff and achy just thinking about what you’ve been doing. I hope you’re sitting down to a good meal and a g&t or a glass of wine!


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