Les Autres

Every day I go to see my chaps and chappesses a few miles down the road.

I hate them being away from home and I need to know they are alright.

In their field, there is now muchos grass, hopefully enough until Spring next year.

Always waiting is a small little Storm.

He loves his Muzzah or is it the carrots in my pocket?

He practices his Winning Smile on me and I always fall for it because it is Storm and he will always be a Mummy’s boy.  Storm was the first one.

So I go, laden with carrots which I duly distribute.

I am followed down the field.

Everyone hopes I bring more than one carrot (there is one each).

Tiddles and Storm are the best of friends.  All is fair in love, war, carrots and Muzzah!

I have fed everyone but still Storm runs after me as I walk away.

Everyone needs a Minion.

I have stayed awayfrom Lyradale for too long.

2 thoughts on “Les Autres

  1. Sam

    That smile on Storm would put any Super Model to shame. I think it is a little bit more Muzzah than carrot. But I could be mistaken.


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