There’s No Place Like Home

The minute the ferry docked at Lerwick Harbour first thing on Sunday morning, we drove home, had a quick breakfast and then went out in the horsevan to move the Minions.

While I was away south, a friend had been looking to my little herd and I had been receiving regular updates,  It was becoming increasingly evident that, though rather fat, the little guys needed to be quickly relocated.  Their field consisted mostly of trodden down grass and poo.

So we moved them over to Lyradale – a large croft I bought last year.

It was two month’s early than last year (i only bought it in December).

We moved Silver, Storm, Tiddles, Fivla and Delia over to Lyradale whilst taking Lyra, Vitamin (her mother) and Waffle to another park.

The ponies may look fat but soon winter will get the weight off them.

Don’t worry about Waffle, Lyra and Vitamin – they all be reunited shortly.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lambie has lost a horn and so is now covered in a delightful turquoise antibiotic spray.  Before, he looked like someone had stabbed him in the head – blood everywhere.

Hopefully the spray will prevent any infection from his bloody little stump.  I am sad. I was rather hoping Lambie could manage a bit more than 1/2 inch of horn but it is not to be.

Now I have finished my Oxford graduation photos, I decided I could enjoy some freedom and so I spent this afternoon showing a visitor the beauty of my Shetland.

I drove her around Shetland and while we nattered, we stopped occasionally to take photos.

I actually think Autumn is the most beautiful season in Shetland.

5 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Linda

    So many wonderful photos – where to start!
    I loved the Oxford photos and info, but it’s nice to “be home” and see how everyone is doing.
    Looks like the move to Lyradale was a success, if the grass-munching and rolling around are any indication…
    A big “OUCH” to Lambie, but turquoise does look well on him. Any idea how the horn was lost?
    And the grand finale: a tour of your beautiful Shetland, finished with a rainbow. Thanks for making my day, Frances!

  2. Rebecca

    It’s hard to believe Shetland could be more beautiful than it was in August when we were there, but I will take your word for it. It seemed like everywhere we looked was a postcard picture just waiting to be taken! We loved it and look forward to visiting again.

  3. Sam

    Lovely scenery. How does May compare to October?
    Glad to see pony bums again. Any idea how Lambie lost his horn?


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