Lambie Day!

Lambie and Lambert are doing very well.  They are out and about every day and enjoy company as well as the company of real hoomans!


They still enthusiastically come back when they are called and don’t venture far from home.


Lambie remains enchanting. He is made of very cheap fur (possibly nylon?) and he knows he is special.


Lambert is a bit bigger than Lambie and he has come through his operation very well.  Tomorrow the stitches on his abdomen will be taken out.


He lost half a horn a few week’s back but it is growing again and he is less head-shy than he was.  Lambert is more aloof than Lambie but if you sit down in a field, he will come and rest beside you.


Lambie loves everyone.


He adores being made a fuss of and may believe he is a dog.


Kisses are very important in Lambie’s life!


And tickles.  This is his blissful tickle face.

L1170888  L1170894

BeAnne has decided to ignore any pet sheep.


She is not bothered by them anymore as long as they don’t jump on her.  That is unacceptable in her life.


It is a pity the Lambs don’t get on with the ponies.  This is because The Minions are mean and chase my little woolly boys.  Lambie refuses to forgive them.  He has a point.

(perhaps I need to get out more!)

7 thoughts on “Lambie Day!

  1. Terri

    I love this post! Lambie must know how lucky he is to have landed in your lap — just look at his happy face and how well he is doing!

  2. Linda K

    Lambie’s blissful tickle face made me laugh. I wonder if you would get enough wool from Lambie and Lambert to knit a jumper?


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