52 today!

It’s my birthday today so I can do whatever I want.

So this morning, I chose to go out for a ride on Klaengur.


Daisy rode Kappi and we had a fast, enthusiastic time tölting to Dale and back.  Way to go!  The perfect birthday start.


Then off to Sandness to see how Hetja and Hjalti are getting on with their new roomies.


Things seem much, much better.


Hetja is relaxed around the other Icelandics.


She came over to me for a chat, which was lovely.


Hetja is a wonderful girl, a natural mother and someone who takes her responsibilities very seriously.

I love this photo – it is a real “Oh Mum” moment.


Little Himself, Hjalti, is still gorgeous.

BN2A9500   BN2A9505  BN2A9508 BN2A9509 BN2A9512 BN2A9520 BN2A9524

He seems to have grown some legs.  Real legs that go on forever.


Hjalti is very curious now and it is permitted by Hetja, which is lovely.  Such a relief for us all as it will make our winter plans much easier.  He won’t be weaned until next year as he was a late foal.

BN2A9533 BN2A9541

A perfect birthday is spending time with my family –  furry, woolly or otherwise.



Flossie is making me a cake (I might’ve mentioned chocolate) while OH is cooking supper.  Daisy drew a card for me.  Wonderful.  For those who know me, that is an iPad I have under my arm and I am wearing my most favourite Finnish boots.

I also have a bottle of gin and all is very good.

Happy Birthday to me!


14 thoughts on “52 today!

  1. Rebecca Final

    Well Frances – a very happy birthday to you. It looks like you had a wonderful day and your family tended to you quite well. I must say Hjalti is beautiful and I love the way he is loosing his baby fuzzies. The drawing is so cute – did you do that?

  2. Terri

    (All together now:) “Hap-py Birth-day to youuuu, Hap-py Birth-day to youuuuuuu, Hap-py BIRTH-day, dear Fran-ces….Hap-py Birth-day to youuuu!” (“…and many more”)
    PS Daisy’s card is adorable!

  3. Freyalyn

    Many happy returns – looks like you had a lovely day. Gorgeous photos of everyone earlier. And that card you have is an excellent likeness of Lambie.


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