Lambert – Where are you?

So where is Lambert, some of you have asked?


He has been noticeable by his absence.


The truth is that after Lambster appeared, it became very apparent that Lambert was not happy.  He didn’t want to share either me or Lambie with anyone else.  Lambie, of course, was completely oblivious to the internal politics.


There was constant friction and it never really got better or went away.


The hill sheep regularly went past our gate, as we live on a corridor to the scattald or open hill.


I was used to Lambie and Lambert joining them, if I left the gate open, but they would never leave to go with them forever. I could always call them home.

Then one day Lambert didn’t come home.


My OH would see him on the hill, and call him, even getting him to follow once, but mostly Lambert would look up, acknowledge him and then go back to eating.


On two occasions Lambie and Lambster went into the hill and didn’t return.  Floss and I, after a long trek, found them and they happily came home, even bringing Lambert with them once and I thought all was well and Lambert would now stay at home.


He was nicer to Lambster but no, it was not to be.  The first opportunity and he was gone again.


I have seen Lambert a few times since and he lifts his head when I call him but won’t come home.  He has a new flock now.  As I am allowed sheep on the hill, I am not too worried about him.  He is castrated (I made sure of that) and he is happy with his new friends.  He has a good fleece and is healthy so he will be fine and if he wants to come home, the gate is always open.


I would love to say that Lambie is devastated but he is a fickle Lambie!


🚂 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌 🚌

If you go to and look under Shetland ponies, you might find a wonderful Shetland pony postage stamp, a laptop cover and a burp cloth.

I can’t get into or for some reason.  Perhaps it is because they don’t want ponies on burp cloths!

Gah!  Zazzle drives me mad.

8 thoughts on “Lambert – Where are you?

  1. Terri

    Three’s a crowd? Middle-child syndrome? Thanks for explaining the situation — “it’s complicated.” I guess the current arrangement works for everyone. You have done your best to provide him with a good life, and that’s what he has. Still miss him though.

    1. Frances Post author

      Me too especially when I know he knows its me. He was “one of us” for a while. He is still loved. He might still come home.

  2. Terri

    PS Hmmm, just looked on Zazzle (and bought a Boysenberry product — hope they pay you!) — I noticed there is no Lambster apron or anything else, so perhaps he got his feelings hurt for being left out? Or perhaps the “call of the wild” was just too great? Who knows? ;)) I hope he remembers that he has a loving family at home, waiting for him (and setting a place at the table)….

  3. Linda

    Ah well, Lambert is following his own path – he’s such a lucky sheep that he can do that. (This somehow reminds me of “Born Free” when you describe Lambert looking up when he recognizes your voices.) And he was gentleman enough to leave when every one was still friendly with each other.
    Go in peace Lambert; never too far away for a familiar hello, but hangin’ with those you feel comfortable with!


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