Day Off

I don’t want to whinge but last night I had an allergic reaction (not anaphylaxis, I hasten to add) to cephalopods – squid to be precise.  Dammit – I love squid.

I have been wiped out all day though I did manage to crawl out of bed this morning in my jim-jams putting waterproofs over the top to feed the sheep, though I was a few minutes late so Daisy had already given the Boyzens their hard feed. I just distributed silage in the usual places, managing to bang my head on the low beam to add insult to injury. So you can add a headache as well to my list of ailments.

Feeling very sorry for myself, I announced to the family that I was going back to bed, where I have stayed ever since.

So that’s me.  Daisy has been holding the horse fort magnificently.  Flossie has been running up and down the stairs while OH cooks so everyone has been fully employed in my absence.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will back to what I consider is normal.

The nursing staff have been fully attentive.

9 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Isn’t it nice to have the Head Nurse at your beck and call and the rest of the nursing profession doing what they can to keep things running!

    Feel better – MMR

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh so sorry Frances. Do get well soon. I have never had squid so don’t know what I might be missing. Glad you have so many helpers around….especially that furry one!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Hope you feel better soon Frances – glad the ‘staff’ are pulling their weight and looking after things.


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