It’s all in the Preparation

Daisy and I (with Kappi and Klængur) are going on a socially-distanced ride tomorrow with some friends on their Icelandic horses.

With only three wheels on my wagon, my horse-van is at the menders so the horses and us are blagging a lift off our kind neighbour to our destination.

Klængur’s not brilliant about loading and we haven’t been anywhere for ages. I needed to know if he still remembered what to do.

Armed with my trusty box of inspirational Mare and Youngstock hard-feed (all we have at the moment) and a carrot (visual aid), we walked and rattled our way down to my neighbour’s.

Both horses knew I had food.  I made sure of that.

My neighbour’s horse-van is slightly different to mine – the layout is the same, though.

I let Klængur have a good look and then we walked in with my yellow bucket of food.  Both were good boys and I loaded Klængur a few times until I felt confident that tomorrow would not be a problem.  Kappi of course loaded like the pro he is.  The carrot and mix were duly dished out.

And then we wended our way home again.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  We haven’t been anywhere for ages.

I have told Klængur he must be a good boy and not let me down.

Now to iron my brave pants.

3 thoughts on “It’s all in the Preparation

  1. Thorunn

    If I didn’t see the different colour of the earth and stones and the stonehouse I would have thought those were pictures from today in Iceland. This is just the weather we had today, sunny and windy and I brought my horses to the summer pasture. Love your photos!
    Cheers from Iceland


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