Invisibility Cloak

More and more snow overnight but everyone equine is doing ok.

This lot can get to the grass if they bother to dig through the powdery snow and they have a bucket in the morning.

Monster of course is in his element.

Invisibility is his middle name.  He is the master of stealth and surprise.  No one expects…….. a white cat in the snow!


Meanwhile, I am worried about Lambie. He hasn’t eaten his breakfast for two days in a row and seems depressed.  So I put the others in a field, so they couldn’t hassle him.  He likes to eat on his own and I tried everything.

I opened a fresh bag of sheep crunch – nope, he turned away.  I gave him a fresh block of dried grass – he quite liked that and I wondered if he is missing fresh green grass.  I can do nothing about that. The snow has covered it up.

I even held the bowl for him between my feet so it didn’t slide around while he was eating.

Then I sprinkled some of Edna’s favourite food (Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra) on the top and he quite liked that.

The minute I thought “good, I’ve found what he likes”, he would stop eating.

I tried fibre beet (dried sugarbeet cubes for horses and he quite liked them – but no real enthusiasm).  He’s gone off hay too.

So I found a box of beet shreds with barley and he did like that.  Sadly you can’t get beet shreds anymore but I hope I can jolly him along until the thaw at hopefully the weekend.  Lambie has always been a fussy feeder, and sometimes he will only eat if I promise to hold his bowl.

*** sigh ***. I shall now worry constantly about Lambie.

14 thoughts on “Invisibility Cloak

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Why do animals have to be so difficult? Poor Lambie – maybe he just needed your undivided attention.

    The last picture of the sky is absolutely stunning!

  2. Dell

    Have you tried offering free choice baking soda? Might be his rumen is not the right acid/base. I’ve found it to help sometimes. Sending good wishes that he feels better soon.

      1. Dell Eddins

        Be sure it’s soda not powder. Yes, I just put out free choice in a small feeder of some kind where they can lick it when needed. Good luck!

          1. Frances Post author

            Could you send me a link to what you mean or give? We don’t do that here and I am struggling to find out what you actually give.

            The only baking soda we have is in powder form – for cooking mostly. It has a caking agent in it.

          2. Dell

            I’m sure you must have baking soda in your kitchen. I just get a big box (here it’s Arm & Hammer brand, but if you google baking soda you should find your local brand). Nothing more than what you make quick breads with. I’ll try to send a link.

          3. Heather

            I think Dell means not baking powder – the mix of baking soda and an acid. I keep baking soda out for my goats, sometimes they eat it and sometimes not.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh my goodness…..there is always somebody to worry about. Hoping Lambie will be feeling his old self very soon and eating well again too.

  4. valerie ahlgren

    Dear Francis,
    Absolutely exquisite photos of irresistibly lovable subjects. What more could we, your fans, ask for?
    Thank you for being a very treasured part of each of my days.


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