Furries at the Bottom of the Garden

The snow is pretty and all that but it is also an awful lot of hard work too.  So, because I am totally exhausted from waiting tables – horse, pony, sheep, duck, hens – since 8.30 this morning until it got dark just after 4, I am not going to write much.   I just want to curl up with some ginger wine and a hot water bottle really.

But in between lugging buckets, water, haynets, etc, I managed to nip out with my big camera and take some photos of Haakon and Iacs. Kolka was the other side of the shed.

As you can see, they are all doing fine.  Their coats are working well. No one is jittery or cold and I would almost say they have all eaten themselves to a standstill.


I feel like I have fairies, or furries, at the bottom of my garden and you can see why I have to keep going out with food or fresh water….. they keep standing there trying to get my attention.

“Excuse me, could we possibly have the next course?”

7 thoughts on “Furries at the Bottom of the Garden

  1. Jan Schindler

    Hope all is well with you. Are the ponies back with you or are they roaming the countryside still?
    We had some snow here in North Alabama, just a dusting . I’m guessing there’s some sleet mixed in. High predicted today is 21F while nighttime is 1F. Very unusual to have that low of tempts. I think we’ll have above freezing by the end of the week. My cat Minnie went outside, stepped on the snow and ran back inside. She’s not crazy about the cold.
    Your little dogs are cute and your white cat looks sweet, but I’m with your black bird. Inside it is!
    Take care,

  2. diane in northern wis

    You are such a hard worker and you keep everybody fed and well. You are amazing, Frances. Now please do go and rest!

  3. Sharrie Brockhaus

    My husband and his cat have the same problem. His cat always says,” Excuse me sir, I need a snack!” And this kitty is in the house. Guess there is a difference.


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