Installing the Track

The dog walk started ominously but luckily the rain shower missed us.

I wanted to walk round the new field track that is currently under construction.

My fencer has been hard at work putting fence posts everywhere parallel to the perimeter of the field to make a track system.

This will be for the Minions in the summer.  I will start by just giving them a line to eat down, ie a section and then hopefully they can use the whole track to find food.

There are wider bits at the burn (stream) so they can find an easy point to drink from and cross.

There are two watering points so no more lugging fresh water every day – yay!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this progress. Next to invest in poly-wire, insulators, a couple of spring gates and possibly the mother of all solar energisers and we are good to go.

I might put The Ancients inside the field inside the track though as there is good shelter and grass but I am not optimistic they won’t get stuck in the fence or something equally stupid.  Everyone seems to be doitin’ these days.

Hey ho – progress on the track and this makes me happy.

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