Designing Mini Business Cards

We all had a quiet day today. The weather was unhelpful (gusting F10 at times) while we were feeding everyone their breakfast and I have things to do anyway.

I spent the morning finding and editing photos to have on mini business cards that will accompany the hand-felted sheep when, or if, folk buy them.

Question:  is it better to have the more expensive business cards or just go bog-standard?  I am using – – Original (9p/card) or Luxe (17p/card)?  I am thinking the original (9p) will be fine.  It is just an attempt to increase traffic for the blog, not auditioning to rule the world by handing out a fabularse card.

Here are a few of my designs.  There will be 100 in total – all different.

Obviously there will be more sheep ones, possibly even a series devoted to Lambie’s Winning Smile, though when I asked for a few photos today, he went all huffy and unhelpful.  Ever the prima donna is Lambie.

Edna and ‘Ster tried their very best for me, which was kind.


So back to sorting through my photos.  I take lots of breaks because I am very easily distracted.

And this afternoon, I popped into my shed to do something completely different.  I need to get ahead making them in case there is a rush and someone buys one!  Cruise ship season

9 thoughts on “Designing Mini Business Cards

  1. Jean Yeomans

    I like the “moo” cards. I have bought them in the past and they do a good job. 9p level is just fine.
    I bought two sheeples last August when I visited Lerwick via cruise ship. I love them! I was so glad I was able to get them finally after following you for several years.
    Best wishes!

  2. Judith

    I think I’d go for the cheaper ones unless they are so flimsy that they won’t do the job.

    I’ll have to have another think about it later but so far I think you might need to get across what it is you’re selling more clearly. I don’t think you want to sell the animals, especially the old Icelandic horses – but I could be wrong!

    If you are selling the little woolly felted sheep perhaps you could concentrate on the sheep. The photo of you and the sheep would be great for that because it shows that you make the models and they are made of your own sheep’s wool.

    If you want to interest people in the website perhaps the full variety of animals should be included but then you’d need to include the website address.

    Where are the cards going to be displayed? Are they for the wool shop that sells them? Can you get the cruise ships to display them? Or cafes in the area where people disembark?

  3. Beth

    With my (albeit retired) marketing head on I would say the cheaper ones.

    If you are physically handing the card to a potential client then quality makes a difference, but for your purposes the Moo cards should be fine at the lower price point.

    You might also investigate a hanging tag attached to each Sheeple with your web URL and once you have them live (so to speak) then make sure a link to purchase more small felted people is VERY prominent on your landing page. Those of us who visit your site every day because we love reading about your animals and their lives are not going to be put off by a very essential ‘advert’ to bring in funds for more catnip/carrots.

  4. Kathy Shook

    Great idea to increase traffic on your blog. Doesn’t need to be anything more than the original. No need for lux. I love reading your blog everyday. It is what I see when I wake up in AM. Takes me briefly into another world in a very good way!

  5. Megan Pratt

    What a great idea! Another marketer here. I would recommend making it clear what the goal is on the card with a short mission statement/call to action. If its to follow the blog, buy more sheep, sign up for the newsletter, just be clear. I have also found a lot of success with the scannable QR codes. Anything you can do to lower the amount of effort for users have to put out, even if thats just typing something in. Finally, go for as cheap a paper stock that doesn’t feel flimsy. Good luck!

  6. Sam

    Love the trio of Elders but Lambie would be my choice. Now I have to work on savings my pennies to fly over, that the ferry and buy a Sheeple.


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