I won’t be quitting my day job

A friend today said I took wonderful photos of birds.

Umm…. yes…. sometimes….. not always.

This dot in the distance is a Red grouse (Lagopus lagopus) who, the minute I made a grab for my camera in the footwell of the car, put the viewfinder to my eye, discovered the lens cap was still in situ, removed said lens cap and put the viewfinder back to my eye, had run away as fast as its little legs could go.


This bird apparently, according to my trusty Reader’s Digest Field Guide to the Birds of Britain, is, and I am prepared to be told I am wrong, a Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula).  I managed to successfully chop its legs in the photo off while its friend ran off behind the hill.

Dammit, they were so pretty together but I missed the shot.


So I am sticking to what I know.  Horses and ponies – they are bigger and can’t run/fly away as fast.

These hopeless bird photos were en route to Sandness when I drove over to check everyone equine was alright.


This is Raw Deal (Delia).  We are giving her the summer and then we will make a decision probably.  I am not looking forward to that.


This beautiful lady is Vitamin (Minnie) – Indy and Lyra’s mother.  She is always whiffles when she sees me because she knows I have a carrot with her name on it.  She barges past everyone to get her’s first.

BN2A7777  BN2A7787  BN2A7799

Her 3yo daughter, Lyra, has far better manners and inspects it first before daintily taking it, just in time before her mother barges in to steal it.

BN2A7797  BN2A7800

I always ensure no one else gets Delia’s carrot.  She still loves them.


So, to conclude, ponies are easier to take photographs of than birds. QED.


5 thoughts on “I won’t be quitting my day job

  1. Rebecca Final

    Personally, I am much more interested in your pony pics anyway – which you do wonderfully. These ponies are so lovely and glamorous with their windswept forelocks blowing across their faces – big brown eyes peering out. Just beautiful.

  2. Trish

    Frances, whilst I love your pony pictures, really I just love the way you write…… hope this is all in the planning for a novel one day. X

  3. Linda

    Oh Plovers are beautiful, and that second photo isn’t so bad!
    Delia will have a glorious Summer, Minnie will continue to grab all the carrots she can, and Lyra will daintily take hers (just in time). Life goes on.


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