Ickle Wammies

Apart from waiting for the Shetland pony mares to produce (these are my neighbour’s)….


…. there are little Shetland hill lambs, or “ickle whams” (said with a pathetic voice), everywhere and I mean everywhere.

BN2A6021 BN2A6022  BN2A6029 BN2A6031  BN2A6041 BN2A6042 BN2A6047 BN2A6049 BN2A6054 BN2A6055 BN2A6057

Lambs go through phases. Teensy tiny on the first day they are born.  The next day, they fill out and are still very sweet.  For the next few weeks, they play together doing the equivalent of the Lamb Grand National (galloping in groups everywhere) as well as boinging around the hill.  You are a tough person if your heart is not melting.

BN2A6073BN2A6058 BN2A6059

And then, suddenly, overnight, when your back is turned for only 5 minutes, the lambs turn into teenagers and are not quite as cute.  They become lumps who are vile to their mothers demanding milk all the time and head-butting her to get it.  The ewes look tired and bored of their lambs by then.

BN2A6038  BN2A6074 BN2A6077 BN2A6079

But, at the moment, everyone is incredibly small, cute and dinky which is why I thought I would quickly take some photos before they turned into lummoxes.

The “ickle wams”tug at my heartstrings this time of year but, having previously had pet orphaned ones, I am not fooled.  I know what they will turn into.  They are not like foals at all.


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