Iacs’ New Friend

All the Icelandic horses were in the school today.

Iacs made a friend.  No one put her there.  Here name is Elvis because of her hairdo!


She flew up from the floor and landed on his back.  He didn’t mind or say anything, just looked a bit embarrassed.  So we left her there trying not to laugh. It would’ve been rude to laugh.


I looked at my horses carefully.  Klængur had lost a front shoe, so I can’t ride him.  My Icelandic horses don’t enjoy being ridden uneven.  He was due to be shod very soon anyway so I was not surprised.


Haakon’s abscess has almost gone and he is not lame.  He will be shod again after Christmas and then I can ride him.  I cannot ride him without shoes as he just can’t cope.


Daisy rode Bjørn’s, our trainer’s horse, Kappi for his 20 minute workout.  Kappi loves work (and food).  He is always first up for food.


Anna rode Iacs after Elvis had left the building – both enjoyed themselves.


Daisy then trained Taktur – 80% walk, a bit of trot and tölt (this photo is from a few nights back when she was having a lesson from Bjørn).


Meanwhile BeAnne watched the world go by and spent her time deciding whether to bark at it or not.


8 thoughts on “Iacs’ New Friend

  1. Kris

    I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Christmas!

    I really enjoy your blog and love your photos. Your advent calender has been such a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing all of it.

  2. Terri

    I love these photos. Thanks again for the wonderful Advent calendar too, so thoughtful of you — I look forward to each day’s surprise! Glad to hear that Wu has recovered. Merry, Merry Christmas to youuuuuu! xos


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