Four hours of my life

Well that was four hours of my life I won’t ever get back.

The girls and I went to Lerwick to do the last of our Christmas shopping – both gifts and food.


We left at home at the crack of sparrows (early – ok, 09:00 and that is very early for me) to avoid the Christmas rush.

This is the Shetland “Christmas Rush”.  There is one main street in Lerwick called Commercial Street or “Da Street”.  The place was empty at 10:00, when we arrived and was just as empty at 11:30 when we left.


With wonderful free parking (and cannons from Fort Charlotte looking over for extra protection), we did our messages and dodged the rain.  Fort Charlotte was originally built in 1665 to protect the Sound of Bressay from the Dutch.  Apparently it never saw any action (I did not know this).


This is my most favourite Christmas window.  The huskies move their heads.  Every year they appear and every year I want a husky.


Anywho, we discovered why Da Street was deserted, because everyone was in Tesco’s stripping the shelves bare.

Never ever again.  It was my definition of Hell on Earth.  People everywhere.

I am happy to be home with my horses.  We managed to get home during daylight and Daisy and I mucked out The Minions, changed rugs, fed everyone and distributed haynets to the needy.

Now that is my idea of fun.  Not shopping.



1 thought on “Four hours of my life

  1. Linda K

    Ha! You were clearly not up quite early enough 🙂
    You think Tesco’s is bad, try M&S Food Hall on Christmas Eve. (I’m not very orgaised). The stuff of nightmares.
    Still, now you have your provisions you can batten down the hatches and chill out. Have a great Christmas and New Year.


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