I Went Up The Big House

I’ve never been up to the big house – that’s the grand hunting lodge next to where we lived, originally the stables (well about three hunting lodges back, as they kept burning down).

I have seen the grand house all through my childhood but never actually gone up there.

So, today in the very hot south of England sunshine, I walked up the driveway.  To be honest, all I could think about was how amazing it would be to ride a horse along the green verges.  Imagine the great gallop I could have!

The house is now a conference centre offering meeting rooms, delegate bedrooms (what are they?), specialist training, team building, weddings and events.

This house was built in 1860 – but this is its third incarnation favouring brick now as wood was rather flammable and an Italian style.

I didn’t really wander about much – it is very private property, after all, and they have scary notices!

Anyway, I am glad I have seen the front entrance now for the first time in over 50 years.

We can only imagine what the original hunting lodge was like – the one where Henry VIII banished Catherine of Aragon to in 1531.  She was told about her divorce here.

You can read about the complete history of the house on this website – http://www.eastpark.co.uk/history-of-the-estate.html#event-domesday-book

It all starts with the Domesday Book!

And so you know, coming up from The Stables does not mean I tugged my forelock at the gentry and the like!

3 thoughts on “I Went Up The Big House

  1. Linda

    This plays so well into my “rose-colored glasses” view of England – just beautiful, and YOU GREW UP AROUND HERE?!

    1. Frances Post author

      I am only showing you the beautiful bits so I can pretend to be grander than I actually am!

  2. Nancy

    Very beautiful!
    I’m glad that they are still using the big house and property!
    It would be a shame to go to waste.


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