Bafta Nominations Please

Some folk came over from Houlls Horses and Hounds to make a film.

I was told Its part of the Shetland Community Film Making project – (funded by the people’s postcode lottery) – with any luck it will be featured at Screenplay this year (unless its so awful they wont take it :D) – then it will be on youtube for us to share wherever we like.”


Daisy took some photos for me and when I asked if there were anymore, I was toldI didn’t get any pictures (too busy filming) but Gwen had her phone out a few times (mostly just taking gratiutious foal pictures though. They are so charming!”

I wanted to bundle them up in my car and take them home. Such lovely little people.”

They did not trust the camera tripod monster at all, but once we all went and sat down they were very curious. I thought Lilja was going to sit in my lap (or on my head) several times.”

“Hjalti is an orange sossage. He’s a sweetie. He’ll make somebody a lovely riding horse when he’s grown.  He seems to have quite an old head on his shoulders already.”

“I’m not sure if we got either of him or Efstur on film though – I couldn’t get them far enough away from the lense!”

“Couple of Wobbly Tripod moments courtesy of the minions too 😀 They were very helpful & suspect will be wanting joint DP credits for their advice.”
Lambie wants his Bafta!




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