I went for a Ride

First thing this morning, I received message – “Do you have time to ride today?”

The answer was a conditional yes – ie horses checked and fed first.

I felt like Klængur and I hadn’t been out for blast for ages. I had almost forgotten how to tack him up!

Luckily I remembered and even more luckily, Klængur was thrilled to be out and about.

In this photo, I am finding the carrot-for-standing-still-while-I-get-on-and-then-attach-my-air-jacket. Klængur is such a good boy. He stands like a rock for a motivational carrot.

We waited while my riding companion, Peter, mounted his own Icelandic horse.

And then off we went.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Utterly perfect. Klængur and I had a good clean tölt of varying speeds as well as lots of Icelandic horse willingness.

Klængur and I came home with huge smiles on our faces – equine and hooman.  Perfect. I had forgotten I like riding my horse.  Winter has taken over my life far too much.

7 thoughts on “I went for a Ride

  1. Sherry Walter

    Perfect! Every time I ride I ask myself why I don’t do it more often. I guess life just gets in the way. Maybe if I could just hang on to that feeling that life is pretty darn good that I get when I ride I’d do it more often.

  2. Kate Woolley

    So glad you have taken the sheeple girls under your wing, as looking at the weatherforecast for the week you have bad weather coming. Sorry, but it will be good to know they will be fed and warm.Thank goodness you found them !


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