A Horrible Weather Day

Yesterday was lovely. I even went for a walk with the Boyzens and BeAnne.  Pfft. Today is very different.

It is vile – wet, cold and very windy (gusting Force 9 according to one of my favourite websites, Windy.com).  I am very fond of the vintage Beaufort Scale even though it is considered outdated in the advanced world of weather.

Anywho, I kitted myself up and went outside to do battle with the elements.  I needed to check everyone was ok.

Having looked around the croft to find all horses happy, eating and cleverly positioned out of the worst of it, I drove off to check on the Minion field and Brá.  They live about 15 minutes away.

During my drive on the road through the scattald (open hill/common grazing), I saw the hill Shetland ponies were now out.

I decided to leave the Minions as they were at the furthest point of their furthest field, contentedly eating.  A head count of eight confirmed that all were present, correct and absolutely fine.

I wasn’t completely a lazy mare and did get out of the car at Brá’s field, which she shares with two other horses.  They were sheltering in front of an excellent high wall and were not leaving it so I shouted, they looked up and I retreated.

It was, however, “nice weather for ducks”!

Driving on my way home, the hill ponies were now on the other side of the road.

When the weather has calmed down, I might go and search them out for some better photos.  It is certainly not “nice weather” for expensive cameras.


5 thoughts on “A Horrible Weather Day

  1. Mo Hall

    We have been very lucky this weekend, the weather only set in after lunch today on our three day course and now they have all gone I am giving myself the evening off and catching up with your blog, among other things.

  2. Louise Stopford

    I was going to ask the same question as Sam. Are they safe just wondering about wherever they want to go? If they were mine I would want them safe and sound in a little field – but perhaps that’s not the way true Shetland ponies work!!?

    1. Frances Post author

      Are they safe? How safe is any horse wandering around on a road. Yes, they do get run over and even killed. It has happened. A black horse on a black night…… very sad. None of mine are in the hill. ‘Nuff said. Apparently it is “character building” or survival of the fittest, if you like!


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