I Need My Boys

I have been indoors all day working hard on the photos of the past Icelandic horse training and competition weekend.

I feel a bit frazzled now.

I hate sitting indoors all day and I have missed my boys so I decided to take some time out.

I found an apple, split it and took it out to distribute to those that might want a piece.  Newt said he would rather have a nose-kissey.  He is funny like that.

Floss came too as human company and was quickly frisked!  The boys were searching her pockets for anything edible they could find.

She is used to this.

However, it is not always about food.

(ok, maybe it is – for some!)

Newt is growing upwards and outwards.

He has a good large apple-bum and I think is well set for the oncoming winter.

Iacs has taken up lurking as a full time job.

He seems to have a talent.

Taktur and I had a long discussion about just how good he was last weekend.

He remains ridiculously goodlooking too.

All the boys were pleased to see us.  Apples or no apples.

Yes, they are all checked daily but it is actual people contact they want.

People are always good to play with and talk to.

BeAnne supervised, of course.

Newt is almost as big as an Icelandic horse while Albie is now at least 14hh!

And so back to the ruddy photos.  All 1900 of them that I said I wasn’t going to take!

3 thoughts on “I Need My Boys

  1. Sam

    You took so many pictures because you know we are all waiting with bated breath to find out how everyone did last weekend. Lurking is a fine talent to have but nosey kisses? Best skill set ever.

  2. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s of your boys (and Floss). Perfect antidote for being “frazzled” spending time with your gorgeous guys – I am very envious. Hope the weekend went well and look forward to the photo’s.


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