I don’t need my Mother anymore!

After their breakfast, I let The Minions and Brá out of the field to eat some of the silage bale.  This is my new method of regulating who gets what.


Somehow little Hjalti slipped through as well (probably on his knees pretending to be a Minion).  I wondered if he would suddenly panic and remember that his long-suffering mother, Hetja, was the other side of the fence.


Hjalti didn’t care at all and happily tucked into the bale, went round exploring with Storm and generally got in the way.  He is particularly good at that as he is very inquisitive but Mum never lets him stay behind to “help”.  This was Hjalti’s first taste of independence and Hetja was suprisingly unfussed as well.

(there is always one photobomber – I never noticed until now!)


The whole herd have been very good for Hjalti.  He is a lovely boy who is now easy to catch and today I decided, as he was on his own, I would teach him how to lead nicely.  We walked up and down the track in the yard with Hetja keeping her beady eye on him.


He tried to evade the issue but I was adamant that now was the time and leading nicely was not exactly rocket science.  I think this is something we will be practicing regularly from now on, with Hetja’s permission.


I also spent my morning taking some photos of Brá.  She is beautiful and very special.  She now nuzzles me when I talk to her.

BN2A1761  BN2A1767

2 thoughts on “I don’t need my Mother anymore!

  1. Terri

    Ditto about great photo bomb!
    And Brá nuzzles you already? Wow, that’s real progress! (She appreciates kindness.) Very cute about Hjalti — he’s growing up fast, sweet lad (with his own ideas).


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