Brá is gradually coming out of her shell.  She comes up to talk to me and waits for me to let her out into the yard to eat the silage.  I think she is beginning to put on weight as well, which is good as she ran up a bit thin after her long trip.  If it is cold, Brá wears a rug as her coat is now coming out thick and fast.  Mostly I can take the rug off and on without having to catch her first though I do have to constantly remind her that no one has actually died having a rug put on.


I like this mare – she wants to be my friend and she is quickly getting used to our little ways or “oddness”!


Brá has two hard feeds a day (morning and evening) and then unlimited silage all day.  She rejoins the herd at night and is far more accepting of them.  In the morning, I find her stood in a group with everyone and she seems to be less aloof.


Here is one “oddness” who came running when I shouted his name.   I have had dogs who are not nearly as well trained as Lambie!


OH spent the morning mending the wheelbarrow (with helpers of both the Minion and sheep variety) and then set off with it to sort out the craters on our track (his constant Nemesis).


As well as Brá, The Minions are allowed out en masse to eat the bale during the day while the big ones get given piles of silage in the afternoon.


So my day is spent feeding, moving, switching horses and ponies about.  It is like a nightmare restaurant.


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