How it is at Home

Apparently, the grass is growing well now.  While I have been away, there has been much rain.

Mum, Hetja is happily stuffing her face.  This is the one moment no one counts the calories.  She is nursing her foal.  She needs all the green grass she can eat.

Of course, Hetja is the best mother and spends many hours following her wayward daughter, Lilja, wherever she takes her.

Dreki, on the other hand, has a mother who would like him to go away – Brá is not a hooves-on kind of parent.

Never has been.

Not her style.

The little ones are now firmly together.  They spend many hours playing.

Looking at the photos and, as you know, I am not in Shetland, I can see that Dreki’s main aim is to annoy his sister, Lilja.

But I know that Hetja is keeping a firm eye on the whole situation.  She won’t let it turn into bullying.

And, anyway, Lilja will be the first to run to Mum and complain.

She is that type of little girl – that’s her style!

7 thoughts on “How it is at Home

  1. Sam

    Sorry Bra is not a doting Mum to Draki. And Lilja is smart to use all her resources when dealing with her filed mate.

  2. Terri

    Although you are currently in a beautiful (and memory-filled) place, I’ll bet you miss your Shetland family (ALL species). Your foalios are darlings — wish I could see them in real life!

    Just spent several days interacting with wild Mustang rescue horses (certified air-scenting equines) that are used for MSAR (mounted search and rescue) — amazing!

  3. Nancy

    Beautiful how green everything is now!
    I could look at photos of the two young ones all day…sigh! =)

  4. Louise Stopford

    Oh those foals are really something else. It sounds as if their personalities are really beginning to show now. How lovely to be able to watch them grow. They look so well and so very happy … it’s wonderful to see. Bet you can’t wait to get home to give everyone cuddles.


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