I Miss My Minions

From Daisy, who is manfully holding the fort and is invaluable.

“All sleeping. All get up except Newt.
No one moves the Newt.
He also decided to try and be a big boy and eat carrots.
The original Minions are the best of friends but they also do love Albie and Newt.
Albie and newt are very close but stick with the Minions.
They love Uncle Storm most.
Waffle and Tiddles are more grown up than the rest.

Others like to annoy Newt.  They will pay the price later.”

They may regret their behaviour.  My money is on Newt.  He may be small but he can reach places no one else can get to!

Newt may also be part Yak too!

My dear little Minions. I miss them desperately.  I need my Minion hugs very much.

4 thoughts on “I Miss My Minions

  1. Louise Stopford

    I bet they are all missing you to. You will have lots of hugs waiting for you when you get home. They all look very well and happy so Daisy is obviously doing a tremendous job.

  2. Nancy

    Why does Newt’s fur look so tangled?

    Oh, by the way, do you have any good ideas for a tangled up tail?
    We have a club horse who’s tail is very knotty and we are trying to get it smoothed out so that he can use it properly for fly swatting.

    1. Frances Post author

      Newt is losing his foal fur coat. It is a long process that I prefer they do naturally but may have to take the scissors to.

      A knotty tail? I would use lots of hair conditioner on it and try that way or hair detangler. Just attack it in small sections, pulling it away from the knots.

      Good luck


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