Honing Our Skills

I suddenly thought that Dreki and Taktur hadn’t loaded into the van for a while and, as it is a useful (neigh, necessary) skill to have, it wasn’t one that should be lost or forgotten.

I brought inspiration.

Dreki first.

He was a very good boy. The pea-sized brain cell whirred and clicked into life and in he walked.

His reward was a nice little visible bucket of mix and carrots.

A quick “worry” about the flappy door thing but Dreki had a good look and decided it wouldn’t kill him.

Oh, those ears!  Click, click, whirr, whirr – you can almost hear the pea rattling around.

I put Dreki back in the field and caught Taktur who said he had never ever been in the horsevan, don’t even ask him, nope…. “oooh, is that a bucket?” and walked in.

I think we will keep practising this speshul skill.  It can do no harm.

2 thoughts on “Honing Our Skills

  1. Celeste

    Oh, my heroes! What very good boys they were! I, too, often see the cogs whirling around in my animals’ minds when they are trying to figure out something. So much more transparent than people. Dreki has grown up into a magnificent guy, I just love your pictures and stories about him.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I love your way with words….made me laugh out loud. Success….they both loaded! You are Good!


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