Boudoir Doll

Live and learn – that’s my motto.

And I learned that this doll is a Boudoir Doll. I think she belonged to my Great-Great Aunt Kate (the one whose diaries I transcribe in my spare time).

I found her curled up in a box in a cupboard when I was clearing out my mother’s house and I vaguely remember the doll from my childhood, though she looked less moth-eaten in those days.

So I brought her home to Shetland and put her on my chaise longue in my studio and wondered what to do about her.  She was in desperate need of a good clean and some tlc.

I searched about the internet and found a lady who restored cloth dolls but she had retired. She recommended another lady.  So, after a phone call, I packed up the boudoir doll and posted her off.

Not long later, my box arrived back in the post and my doll had come home.  She looks so much better now – hair washed, new shoes, dress washed and she even has a beauty mark that was hidden with the grotty hair. She also had a beautiful pair of drawers made for her!

There is not much history that I know of to this doll. She is wearing Regency fashion (1811-1820) but is not as old as that. I think Aunt Kate must’ve made her as there is no maker’s mark but the restorer lady said she was well-made.

Now for a name?  I quite like Beatrice or maybe even Aunt Kate.

6 thoughts on “Boudoir Doll

  1. Judith Garbutt

    She would have been a great project for “The Repair Shop” on BBC1 and you could have been a television star, Frtances!!

  2. Dot

    There are few dolls that I like, I greatly prefer rag dolls to plastic ones. However your Aunt Kate’s doll is so beautiful, full of personality, and lovely to see her restored!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Your doll certainly looks spic and span now! What a great job that lady did on her!


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