Home Sweet Home

Last night I made a dreadful faux pas.  I put Lambie out to sleep, with his comfy-wumfy bed, inside a lovely sheltered wooden box in the shed rather than under the stairs in the kitchen where he usually sleeps.  I was being put under pressure by a member of the family to make Lambie live a normal lambie life.

Lambie bleated and pleaded to come back inside and I gave in after 9 minutes feeling like the mother from Hell. Lambie had revenge and had me up at 02:00 to feed him.


Tomorrow is a different matter.  Lambie is getting a friend (another caddy lamb) so hopefully they can bond together in the shed and learn to be best friends.  Lambie needs this and I am doing him no favours by turning him into a dog.  Half of me thinks it is a great idea and the other half hates it.  Why can’t he live under the stairs at night?  He is no bother.


Anywho, it got me to thinking about where home is for everyone else.

Taktur has a penchant for the Minions’ shed.  He squeezes himself in and spends hours just standing by himself looking out.


If he is not there, he can be found with his Mini-Me.


The Minions like a small fenced off area in their paddock and spend many happy hours annoying each other.


Tiddles can’t really live anywhere at the moment.  He has turned into a grubby little boy and we are all giving him a very wide berth.


Perhaps except for Klaengur, who gently broke it to him that we all thought he was revolting!


If Taktur is not in residence in the Minion Shed, then Kappi will quickly nip in.


Wu lives on the bed.  He moves occasionally so I am told!



You would have to ask BeAnne where her home is.   It depends on who has the warmest bed!



(she appears to looks very odd in this photo)

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Sam

    Home is where it is warm (under the stairs), you are loved (on the bed), you are fed (any where) and you are allowed to be what you want to be. Lamb, Dog, Minion or Cat.

  2. Linda

    I bet Lambie will feel better about the shed if he has a buddy in there with him. That was probably quite a shock last night, being alone in the dark. We have a new-ish dog who “someone in my household” wanted to put outside in our shed, even thought she’d always slept in her previous owner’s house. But he also knows she would cry her heart out, and so I/she won…


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