Home Life

I am home and straight back into my life.

First batch of washing on, a gallon of soup made out of all the leftover veg I found in the fridge (nothing escapes – we try to be a zero food waste household), and I popped over to bring the two old ladies, Fivla and Vitamin, home.  The equine dentist is coming tomorrow morning.

The ladies were thrilled to be back and shouted when they saw Haakon.

I had brought him down for a ride.  Just him and me.

And BeAnne – who suddenly decided to come too.  She usually doesn’t come anymore so I was thrilled to have her companionship.

I shouted at the Boyzens who were having a day away on the hill and they came running down but didn’t get any further so I left them to it.

BeAnne, Haakon and I set out on our lovely Shetland autumn ride.

For me this is the best view in my world.  in my opinion it really doesn’t get any better than this.  It is all I want.


The Boyzens were patiently waiting for us upon our return.

Haakon went back to his field and we all went to visit the Shetland mares.

It has been a long time since the ladies have been home and it is lovely to see them in the field. I have missed them.

Of course Monster had to come too.

Fivla was intrigued (this is her intrigued face!)

Vitamin was more interested at trying to get the boys’ attention – the hussy.

My two dear old ladies.  They were so easy today, climbing into the horsebox and loading themselves.

As the afternoon slowly drew in, I sat outside with Lambie, BeAnne and Monster.

Someone’s going to sleep well tonight.

Home is everything.  All I need.

10 thoughts on “Home Life

  1. Sam

    Wonderful post! How lucky are you to know what you need and have it right outside your door.
    How lucky are you to be able to ride with Haakon and have two lovely ladies willing to be moved in an easy manner. Best of all, you have BeAnne, Sheeple and Monster to tell all your travel tales too.
    My Maine Coons pretend I don’t exist for the first 12 hours I am home from travels. Then they are furry velcro burrs that purr.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Lovely photos, especially of Vitamin. I think she has a kind eye – a daft thing to say, but it’s what I feel.
    Nice shot of Haakon’s legs in shadow.

  3. Louise Stopford

    What a wonderful way to spend the day. I to think your home looks like Paradise – I am so envious. It’s no wonder you don’t need anything else – in my eyes you have it all and the nice thing is that you really appreciate it.


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