Hjalti Training

Hjalti is coming along nicely.  Daisy rides him both in and outside.  Inside is for training and listening, outside is to get him used to The Big Bad World, as well as some more listening as he is easily distracted.  He has the mind of a butterfly when he is out and about.

So today was about working inside.  Hjalti has learned to wait nicely when tied up and is tacked up with no problems.  Fidgeting is not encouraged and he understands that nice things happen to good boys.

Before Daisy gets on, she walks Hjalti once round the school to show him that the boggarts have been evicted and all is well.  Then he will stand still while she mounts from the ground but expects a carrot as his reward. Fair do’s.

Once on, Daisy and Hjalti work on his listening skills, transitions between halt, walk and trot.

Hjalti has a lovely square halt and listens to Daisy’s seat as an important aid.  What a good chap.

Daisy doesn’t ask much and she doesn’t ride Hjalti for long either.  On both reins, Hjalti walks and trots with bending round the cones, figures of eight, turn on the forehand (which he has mastered beautifully but I manage to miss filming the best one) and stepping backwards.

I am really pleased with how his training is going.  Hjalti’s happy little face waiting at the gate ready to volunteer and the relationship he has with Daisy says it all really.

Here are a few films from today.





8 thoughts on “Hjalti Training

  1. Kerry

    I think I have said before that they are a truly lovely partnership.
    Amd to see such a greenhorn looking so happy and relaxed. Not broken in but worked with on a show and reward basis which has kept him so happy and confident. It is a think of joy to watch.
    Well done to all of you

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Cannot believe how well (and obviously talented) Hjalti is doing! Think the trainer has all the right stuff too.


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