Helpful, Unhelpful

Our loading skills are coming along swimmingly now.

So for these two (father and son) – I would definitely say HELPFUL!

However, I am not sure if Monster was particularly helpful.  He had to be moved prior to loading.

These two thought they were being helpful, but actually I didn’t want them standing there as the sheep feel intimidated and won’t walk past.

So, Iacs + Haakon = UNHELPFUL

I shoo’ed them away – you can see Maggie waiting.

She was waiting for Lambie. All the rest of the sheep had walked off to their usual spot, way up the hill and Maggie was desperate for Lambie to come too (the Gods alone know what she sees in him!)

Poor Maggie, she was shouting to Lambie telling him to just run through the open gate, while I kept Iacs back who was trying to work out his best route for escape.  Yesterday, when this happened, I grabbed him and shoved him through. Today, he knew!

Maggie = HELPFUL
Lambie = forever UNHELPFUL
Iacs = an annoying idiot who was definitely not HELPING.

And then next to us was Penthesilea on the roof = not particularly HELPFUL but that’s quite an achievement.

Meanwhile, Lambie maintained his obstinate stance and I left him to it. Maggie also gave up and left to join her friends.  To this day, Lambie is probably still standing there or he has spent the whole day by himself. Tomorrow hopefully he will run through the gate with the rest. He only really learns through experience.

2 thoughts on “Helpful, Unhelpful

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well, so interesting learning today about the helpfuls and unhelpfuls around your place. Poor Maggie so she has taken a shine to Lambie. Love all your crazy critters. You DO keep busy.


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