A New Friend

Ted and Pepper had a visitor today.  The totally and utterly gorgeous Harley!

We haven’t had many visitors recently as I have been trying to get Ted into a happy routine where he would feel secure and less anxious about life and anyone popping by.  In his past life, Ted already has an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order) for biting Mum’s postman.  That was then. This is now and he hasn’t to date bitten anyone.

Anywho, Harvey was wonderful. Pepper instantly fell in love and Ted was jealous so there was totally supervised playtime.

To be honest, Ted was not brilliant.  There were words.

But Pepper knew where her heart lay.

And then Monster arrived – we had booted him out earlier as he was one too many.

Harley knows about cats but Monster is not quite in that category.

I ❤️ Pepper for talking to Monster.

A small spat but nothing serious. Some new pups need to be told, is Monster’s view.

And Ted kept making everything weird because that’s what he does.

I hope we can working on this relationship. Pepper suddenly grew up and wasn’t a puppy anymore.  I found that odd.




2 thoughts on “A New Friend

  1. diane in northern wis

    Such interesting pictures today…..I love all the goings-on between all the critters at your house. Fun to watch the interactions and glad nobody got their nose twisted too far out of joint!


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